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The most effective method to pick your Customized Stamps:



On the off chance that you are working in some division as a public managing official, you should be then mindful of which are regularly utilized while sending a record. So, I would agree that it is difficult to work with these customized stamps in any office.

In bygone times, there were fixed stamps connected to chains accompanies by an ink cushion and a wooden stamp with an etching of an official of public dealings. You need to dunk that stamp in an ink cushion and afterward stamp your paper with it.

With the progression of advances currently comes these customized stamps which you can get to whenever anyplace in light of the fact that they come in various assortments with sturdiness and strength.

Sorts of Customized stamps:

●       Pocket Stamps: These come looking like a pen with a securing snare. It effectively fits in a pocket and is lightweight to effortlessly convey.

●       Self-Inking Stamps: These stamps are more expert and are utilized in workplaces. They are more solid and made with strength in excess of a pocket stamp.

●       Proficient Stamps: They accompany a steel internal covering covered by extreme plastic. They are utilized in occupied workplaces where they need to stamp records on a more regular basis.

●       Date Stamps: They are utilized generally in banks where they need to show dates on each report. It accompanies modified dates which can be changed without any problem.

●       DrtTEQ Stamps: These are utilized generally in research centers while they report different lab reports.

●       Self-Forming Stamps: These are further developed and confusing stamps. They have letter sets and numbers which can be changed by need.

●       Signature stamps: These accompany the mark of a journalist. Basically, you need to stamp a report and no requirement for a human mark. Individual help of relating can likewise sign your archive with his consent assuming that he is occupied some place. It saves a great deal of time.


A bit-by-bit manual for customizing stamps:

Presently we should talk about what these customized stamps are comprised of.

●       Before you can get your hands on your altered customized stamps, you should arrange them.

●       You need to scan the web for various plans prior to choosing one to be imprinted on the little name stamp. A redid stamp seller handles your determination after you have gone with your decision.

●       Customized stamps have three parts,

1.      A body.

2.      Ink-Cushion.

3.      Small name stamp.

Every one of these parts is separable and can be supplanted whenever broken down. There are a few thousand stamps you can get from a solitary inkpad before it should be supplanted. If the name stamp should be supplanted, it very well may be handily finished.

●       The retailer will get some information about your distinguishing proof once you request your modified customized stamp since anybody can act like an authority without it. The most common way of fostering your stamp starts after you give your ID.

●       When prepared it will be conveyed to your doorstep and afterward you can utilize it effortlessly.

Things are becoming simpler as the new world embraces new innovations. Make your stamps more private by utilizing customized stamps. It will make your life simple and tomfoolery.

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SS Jemal’s CENTRAL – The New Face of Affordable Luxury Living in New York




New York is a city where people come from around the world to make their dreams come true. Coined as the ‘city that never sleeps’, New York has set the benchmark high when it comes to the real estate industry for all the right reasons. With thousands of new real estate developers trying to make their way to the top in NYC’s real estate jungle, SS Jemal is one name that will stand out from the crowd when the CENTRAL brand is launched in Manhattan.

SS Jemal, an honorable citizen of the United States

SS Jemal – Making Luxury Lifestyle Apartments Affordable

Meet The Real Estate Wizard – SS Jemal

SS Jemal, famously known as SSJ, is an expert real estate developer who has toiled in the NYC real estate industry for several years.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York SS Jemal began working when he was just ten years old. He worked alongside his father and mentor, Norman N. Jemal, and quickly followed in his footsteps. By the time Stephen was 14, the Jemal family was successfully running three electronics stores in Harlem selling records and electronics. For SS Jemal, this was just the beginning of his incredible journey.

Being a true visionary, SS Jemal laid the foundation of the famous “Nobody Beats The Wiz” electronics store in Downtown Brooklyn in 1976. Starting from one store, he quickly expanded to over a hundred and The Wiz Brand became his claim to fame in NYC. SS Jemal leveraged this opportunity to venture into the real estate industry and created his first in-house construction company. His real estate journey began with building over 20 million square feet of retail shopping centers, featuring The Wiz as the anchor tenant, which also turned out to be an incredible learning opportunity for him. That’s when SS Jemal became a pro at construction as he learned everything he needed to know, starting from the concept phase to project completion and building maintenance.

In 1997 Stephen sold off his “Nobody Beats The Wiz” chain and shifted all his focus toward waterfront development. He established SSJ Development the same year, and the company was soon on its way to success by winning the exclusive Roosevelt Island Southpoint project deal. While working on this project, Jemal gained a deep understanding of NYC zoning laws and regulations.

SS Jemal

SS Jemal – the famous real estate developer

During his initial years in the real estate industry, SS Jemal had already established a remarkable rapport amongst New York’s high-profile professionals and realtors. After the success of his waterfront construction project, Jemal set out to trademark his brand “The Riviera”,” adding another feather to his cap.

Jemal quickly began working on acquiring waterfront land in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. The next fifteen years of his life were dedicated to waterfront development projects, which helped SS Jemal build his network of relationships with the top-tier of real estate professionals in New York City, as well as an unparalleled understanding of New Yorks Zoning Regulations, which has proven to be invaluable to Jemal in his latest venture; CENTRAL.

Despite his success, Jemal never compromised on his values. As is evident from his work-ethic, Jemal believes that being an honorable citizen of the United States precedes all of his achievements.

CENTRAL – Setting A New Benchmark For Affordable Luxury Living in New York

When we talk about living the ‘American dream,’ it certainly comes with a hefty price tag. New York’s real estate industry is dominated by literal ‘sharks’ that can rip you off of your money and lifetime savings. Affording to rent a luxuryapartment in New York is next to impossible, with real estate and rental prices skyrocketing and increasing every day. Even someone earning six figures cannot afford to rent a decent luxury apartment and live the lifestyle they deserve.

SS Jemal was quick to identify this gap in the living standards of New York’s elite and upper working class. Driven by a vision to give the working class the quality lifestyle they deserve, SS Jemal along with his son Norman S. Jemal, laid the foundation of CENTRAL. It took four years of research and technical and management support from JemRock Organization for SS Jemal and Norman S. Jemal (Member and C.O.O. of JemRock Organization) to establish the concept of CENTRAL. Aimed at making luxury living affordable for the masses, CENTRAL’s vision has been clearly defined in its trademark pending slogan that proclaims and is JemRock’s credo: “Live, Work, Be Well.”

CENTRAL presented by JemRock Organization

CENTRAL and JemRock logo

CENTRAL – A Team Effort Aimed at Revolutionizing Luxury Living in NYC

The phrase ‘talent runs in the blood’ holds particularly true for the Jemal Family. From working with his father, Norman N. Jemal, to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with his son, Norman S. Jemal, SS Jemal’s life has come full circle. Norman S. Jemal is the proud Member and COO of the JemRock Organization, the company spearheading CENTRAL with SS Jemal. Besides this, Jemal has also put together a most famous and reputable ‘Central Core Team’ of highly accredited and experienced professionals to help bring his vision of CENTRAL to life.

CENTRAL targets the entrepreneurial and upper-working class of New Yorkers who, despite earning six figures, cannot imagine affording luxury living in the city’s most sought-after locations. The incredible team behind CENTRAL has paved the way for initiating a one-of-a-kind complete total vertical integration of concept, planning, design, material procurement, manufacturing, construction, marketing, advertising, brand-building, management, maintenance, and development in the project. With his incredible world-class teams knowledge and expertise in residential construction, Jemal can successfully minimize construction costs and save construction time on each CENTRAL project in an organized and professional way.

Final Words – Things to Look Forward To

SS Jemal and Norman S. Jemal are all set out to soon reveal all specifics and launch the CENTRAL project for all New Yorkers. With his extensive experience in marketing The Wiz Brand, we are confident that SS Jemal will leave no stone unturned to lead CENTRAL to success. SS Jemal and Norman are currently working on a grand launch plan for the project, and soon you will see the CENTRAL project making Major noise and news all over New York’s real estate industry. After completing CENTRAL‘s NYC project, SS Jemal plans to expand the project to other great cities in America and eventually release it globally. Jemal insists that launching and dominating in Manhattan must be the precursor to his mammoth vision for CENTRAL. Properly capitalized, this writer sees absolutely nothing that will stop this man from achieving his goals.

Realtors in NYC need to brace themselves for the competition, as SS Jemal is ready to knock them off their feet and rock the real estate industry in NYC. As SS Jemal’s father used to say, “There must be a differentiator or differentiating factor in your business. Without that, your company will only be a run-of-the-mill business that copies other people’s ideas”. SS Jemal frequently quotes his great father and credits him for being his inspirational force that drives him to overcome any adversity placed in front of him. I must say after speaking at length with Mr. Jemal, his idea of tapping into a market that no one ever thought of and creating an heretofore unknown niche of “affordable luxury apartments” I Manhattan (no less!);  SS Jemal has proved yet again that he’s truly a real estate Wizard.

Stay tuned to this channel of communications for further updates as JemRock drives CENTRAL to the proverbial finish line…

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Why Is It Important for Businesses To Monitor Chan Boards?




As the world increasingly moves online, businesses must adapt their security measures to fit the times. This includes monitoring mentions of their business on the internet, especially on chan boards. In this article, we will explain why it is important for businesses to monitor chan boards and provide tips on how to do it effectively. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a chan board?

If you’re not part of the millennial or Gen Z crowd, you might be wondering, just what is a chan? The word “chan” is derived from the Japanese word “channeru,” which means “channel.” Chan boards are websites where users can post comments and images anonymously. Chan boards are popular among teenagers and young adults and are often used to share images and discuss topics that are considered taboo or risqué.

Chan boards are often associated with internet subcultures, such as the alt-right, the alt-lite, and the alt-left. The alt-right is a far-right political movement that embraces white nationalism, anti-Semitism, and populism. The alt-lite is a far-right political movement that rejects white nationalism but embraces other far-right ideologies, such as populism and anti-Semitism. The alt-left is a far-left political movement that embraces socialism and anti-capitalism.

Chan boards are also associated with various internet memes, such as “rickrolling” and “dank memes.” “Rickrolling” is a prank that involves tricking someone into clicking on a link that leads to the music video for the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. “Dank memes” refer to jokes, images, and videos that are typically obscure, surreal, or offensive.

Why should businesses monitor chan boards?


Chan boards are popular with the young crowd who like to have fun, so now you might be wondering why a professional business owner like yourself needs to be worried about them. While chan boards can be used to spread a lot of cheer and silliness, chan boards are also notoriously used to spread rumors, gossip, and other negative information about individuals and companies. Additionally, chan boards can be used to share pirated content or links to illegal websites. This can damage a company’s reputation and may lead to legal trouble.

Chan boards can also be used to target high-level executives and CEOs by sharing personal information, like an address or phone number, and spreading slander. This kind of abuse can have a devastating impact on someone’s mental health, and it can also lead to them losing their job or being harassed offline. That’s why it’s so important for business owners to be aware of these boards and to take steps to protect themselves and their employees from being targeted.

How can businesses monitor chan boards?


There are a variety of methods businesses can use to monitor chan boards, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most common approach is to use a dedicated search engine, which allows you to specifically search chan boards for keywords or phrases. However, this approach can be time-consuming and may not give you a complete picture of what’s being discussed on chan boards.

Another approach is to use social media monitoring tools. These tools can help you track mentions of your company or brand on chan boards as well as other social media platforms. They can also give you insights into what people are saying about your company, which can help you improve your marketing strategy.

Perhaps the most effective option is to use a monitoring tool that specifically tracks chan boards. This type of tool will collect data from a number of chan boards and present it in a comprehensive report. This can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to keep track of what’s being said about them on chan boards and take action if necessary. You can hire a third party with the right tools to monitor chan boards for you and alert you immediately if any damaging content is found.

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Best Practices for Employment Background Checks




Screening job candidates has become an increasingly important step in the hiring process, but not all employers use employment background checks to their best advantage. What should all employers understand to conduct background checks to ensure they are building the best teams?

Employers can find information on any or all of these core areas without difficulty by checking internal resources or engaging a qualified service provider. Note that employers may — but they may not want to pursue — each of these background checks based on their relevance to the job they are doing. For example, the average employee does not manage money in most jobs, unlike employees in an accounting office or who manage a cash register. Thus, a credit check is only necessary for employees who will handle the financial side of your business. Otherwise, the credit check is invasive and unnecessary.

Employers should also ensure they are using legal best practices in areas such as social media background checks. In some cases, such as social media screening, employers may want to use a third-party provider to mitigate violations of the law. The biggest challenge for employers is how to weigh the information gained in the employment decision-making process. Another is to make sure their background check process follows federal and state laws.

For example, many states limit the period of history that you can consider. Most testing service providers will relay information over the past seven years. To make sure you are following the law, talk to a knowledgeable provider, attorney, or your state department of labor.

Know when to consider criminal history

Most employers who conduct employment background checks rely heavily on criminal history when screening. However, this information alone rarely paints a complete picture of a job candidate. What may look like a red flag could actually be a red herring. Employers therefore need to think seriously about how a criminal past can really affect job outcomes.

For example, a citation for walking a dog off-leash or fishing without a license creates a criminal history, but it does little to describe the kind of skills a potentially reliable employee might bring to the job.

In contrast, when a criminal past stems from a more serious offence, employers need to consider whether the nature of the crime is related to the skills needed for the job. Be sure to look at the big picture and decide how the criminal history may, in fact, relate to the job in question.

Most importantly, to ensure compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, do not adopt a general policy regarding criminal history when you are hired. That is, eliminate statements in your policy and manuals that state policies such as our company does not hire criminals or our company does not hire anyone with a criminal record. Never say never.

Discern patterns from background data

Thorough screening procedures provide details far beyond criminal history, which may be the best indicator of an employee’s abilities. Employment history, on the one hand, helps confirm work experience, but also sheds light on potential issues such as frequent moves, career changes and other factors that might indicate that a potential employee might not be a good long-term candidate.

Look for patterns that show how an employee is striving for success — or how an employee is displaying consistent struggles — to get a good sense of their ability to take on the job. Be careful, because candidates inflate their CVs more often than you think. If you are considering someone based on the skills listed, proper verification of employment, education, and licensing is a must. It is also a great way to filter out dishonest applicants.

Do not overlook crucial information during a background check

Some indicators of a job candidate’s abilities might surprise you. A background check can reveal a unique personality trait or response to a situation that could be a real asset to your team, although it might not be highlighted on the candidate’s resume. If you make the effort to do a good background check, use all the information you can to your advantage. As important as it is to find areas of concern, it can be just as important to tap into strengths.

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